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Stratified Self Calibration From Screw-Transform Manifolds
R. A. Manning and C. R. Dyer, Proc. European Conf. on Computer Vision, 2002, IV:131-145.


This paper introduces a new, stratified approach for the metric self calibration of a camera with fixed internal parameters. The method works by intersecting modulus-constraint manifolds, which are a specific type of screw-transform manifold. Through the addition of a single scalar parameter, a 2-dimensional modulus-constraint manifold can become a 3-dimensional Kruppa-constraint manifold allowing for direct self calibration from disjoint pairs of views. In this way, we demonstrate that screw-transform manifolds represent a single, unified approach to performing both stratified and direct self calibration. This paper also shows how to generate the screw-transform manifold arising from turntable (i.e., pairwise-planar) motion and discusses some important considerations for creating a working algorithm from these ideas.